Sep 21 2011

Broadcast tonight in Fargo, North Dakota!

Visit our broadcast page for more information.

Sep 21 2011

BAD BLOOD included in American Public Health Association Film Festival!

We are pleased to announce BAD BLOOD has been included in the American Public Health Association 8th Annual Film Festival on October 31st in Washington, DC. Here’s to getting the word out current and future generations of the public health community!

Sep 21 2011

BAD BLOOD receives highest commendation from Educational Media Reviews

BAD BLOOD receives the highest commendation of “Highly Recommended” from Educational Media Reviews online.  These reviews are read by university libraries and faculties in determining what films to use in coursework.  It increases the chances of having BAD BLOOD’s lessons live on in medical schools, business schools, and ethics classes.

Sep 7 2011

Buffalo, NY screening announced!

Visit our screenings page for more information on the Sept. 19th Buffalo, NY screening of BAD BLOOD!

Jul 13 2011

Additional broadcast times announced on PBS!

Please visit our Broadcasts page to learn about new listings in Nashville, TN, Alaska, North Carolina, Ohio, Syracuse, Honolulu, Harrisburg, PA, and Indiana.

Jun 3 2011

Screenings announced in Denver, CO & Boca Raton, FL

We have updated our screenings page for a screening in Denver, CO and Boca Raton, FL.  Visit the screenings page to learn more!

Jun 1 2011

BAD BLOOD premieres on PBS!

BAD BLOOD will premiere on PBS World on June 2nd at 9PM in many markets. Visit our broadcasts page for more information about local listings.

Apr 25 2011

PBS Broadcast dates announced!

Check our broadcast page for more information! Be sure to check back frequently.  New markets listed as they are announced!

Apr 12 2011

BAD BLOOD to screen at the Massachusetts State House

On April 13th, 2011 BAD BLOOD will be screened for Massachusetts State legislators by members of the Committee of Ten Thousand. Copies of the film were hand delivered to three health care committees in both the House and Senate.

Apr 12 2011

World Hemophilia Day is April 17th!

Share your story or find other resources to commemorate the day in your area by visiting the World Federation of Hemophilia’s webpage.  And make BAD BLOOD part of your day!